CAC Basketball

Winter 2024: The Spice Channel - Alan Orellana, Mike Fraher, Tommy Ng, Finals MVP John Harding, Djordje Vlajkovic, Chas Belliveau




The Spice Channel

1. The Spice Channel  8188.896185091090.031.0
2. Eman Mentality  6366.67546520262.017.4
3. District 10  6366.67596623-272.011.2
4. A Dwyer Situation  6366.677355971382.014.1
5. The Defense Rests  5455.5659458593.08.3
6. 9th Wonder  5455.56618601173.07.1
7. Pushin’ P  4544.44544596-524.04.6
8. Hoops and Dreams!  3633.33503557-545.03.3
9. Riggin’ For Higgins  2722.22516591-756.02.1
10. Harriott’s of Fire  090570661-918.00.9


John Harding31.
David Pendergast27.
Nick Lynch26.
Joe Dwyer25.
Adwaith Nair25.
Isak Ivanic23.
Keith Baranowski22.
Tyrone Mullings22.
Chris Lynch20.
Jason Escoto20.


April 13, 2024

The Spice Channel 51 v Eman Mentality 50

And then there was 1, they did it congrats:

Coming into this game I had The Spice Channel (TSC) as a 1 point favorite. Either team could win this game though and Emmanuel Mentality (EM) was definitely a worthy opponent that deserved to be in this game.

First half:

The first team/person to score in this game was TSC/Chas with a driving layup. I think I need to track the stat of who scores first vs who wins.  This by no means signified the game as being over though as 5 minutes into the game TSC was up 6-4.  While EM was continuing to battle, they were never able to take a lead or even tie the game.  With 11:43 left in the half TSC was up 11-8.  With 8:06 left in the half TSC was up 13-10.  With 3:43 left in the half TSC was up 19-15.  Lastly at the end of the half TSC was up 27-22.

Halftime stats:


Tommy Ng 3 pts (1-1 from three)

John Harding 11 pts (1-5 from three) (2-2 from the free throw line), 1 oreb, 2 drebs, 5 asts, 1 foul

Chas Belliveau 4 pts (0-2 from three), 3 orebs, 1 dreb, 1 ast, 2 fouls

Djordje Vlajkovic 3 pts (1-4 from the free throw line), 1 stl, 2 orebs, 5 drebs, 2 stls, 1 foul

Michael Fraher 6 pts, 1 oreb

Alan Orellana 2 stls, 1 ast, 1 foul


Jorge Morel 2 pts (0-1 from three), 1 stl, 1 oreb, 2 drebs, 1 foul

Steve Rakusin 0-1 from three

Charlie Maneval 1 pt (0-1 from three) (1-2 from the free throw line), 1 dreb

James Mulvehill 5 pts (1-2 from three), 1 stl, 1 oreb, 3 drebs 

Emmanuel Okharedia 12 pts (2-5 from three), 1 dreb, 2 asts

Andrew Marra 2 pts (0-1 from three) 1 oreb

Player of the half:

John Harding

Second half:

I’ll continue to stress that EM never gave up and continued to battle despite being down 31-25 with 15 minutes left in the game, then with 10 minutes left down 39-32 and even with 5:48 left they were down 46-36.  For the next 5 minutes or so EM went on a run and were only down 50-47 with about 44 seconds left in the game..  Being unable to tie it they were forced to foul. Chas converted 1 free throw and EM had several opportunities to score but weren’t successful.  After taking a timeout and having none left EM was down 51-47 with only 7.7 seconds left.  James did covert a corner three before the buzzer and resulting in a TSC championship game win 51-50.

Player Grades:

Tommy Ng A some say the three point shot he made was after a travel.  I disagree and it was a huge shot which ultimately helped his team win the game.

John Harding A was once again the best player on the floor helping his team win it all as was the case all season long.

Chas Belliveau B didn’t make a three but his 2 steals more than made up for that.  He made a game winning free throw.  Overall though he hung his hat on the defensive end and just played smart on offense.

Djordje Vlajkovic A- I can’t ignore his free throw shooting percentage but overall he was dominant.  The pick and roll game with Harding was unstoppable and he controlled the glass.

Michael Fraher B knocked down some jumpers efficiently and managed to get some rebounds too.  He as was the case for most of the season took advantage of his opportunities.

Alan Orellana A wasn’t completely healthy but still made a big impact on the game on the defensive end.  He didn’t play much but still had a positive performance.

Jorge Morel B his rebounding was great and he even scored decently around the rim.  Missed a couple of threes but he gave it all he had and hopefully his late game injury doesn’t carry over into next season.

Steve Rakusin C I’m shocked he didn’t do more but despite not putting up many stats, he still played ok.

Charlie Maneval C his free throw shooting was ok but he was 0fer from three.  I’m use to him playing better and his team definitely needed more from him today.


James Mulvehill A actually played extremely well.  Was the best player on the floor for his team.  Did everything just unfortunately for him it wasn’t enough.


Emmanuel Okharedia B I think he played good it just obviously wasn’t enough.  Maybe it was fatigue from guarding Harding all game I’m not sure but he did still have a good game.  He obviously has played better games during the season so I couldn’t go too high in a team loss.


MVP: John Harding


Regular season MVP, followed up by a championship and finals MVP.  This was really a dominant season by @johnnyhoops.  He went a perfect 10-0 in games he played in this season.  Will that streak continue or stop next season?  Only one way to find out 


The Spice Channel

Tommy Ng300000000000
John Harding2700127737440
Chas Belliveau540314202120
Djordje Vlajkovic8204103300260
MICHAEL fraher800120400000
Alan Orellana020011000000
 Team Total51809161516397120

Eman Mentality

Jorge Morel820661402000
Steve Rakusin200000101000
Andrew Marra200100101000
Charlie Maneval300031003340
James Mulvehill1821651625000
Emmanuel Okharedia1710025339220
 Team Total50511316815521560