CAC Basketball

Winter 2024: Don't Be Stupid - Vladi Nechev, Harry Demakes, Finals MVP John Harding, Andrew Walker, Mike Cawley, Liam Corrigan




Don’t Be Stupid

1. The Corporation  7277.78599581180.030.1
2. Injured Reserve  5455.56647575722.022.2
3. For Whom the Ball Tolls  5455.56598529692.016.9
4. Top Heavy  5455.56549576-272.010.4
5. Tuck Tuck Goose  4544.44618636-183.08.4
6. Don’t Be Stupid  4544.44609618-93.06.9
7. Super Hoopers  3633.33615697-824.03.1
8. Basket Cases  3633.33546569-234.01.8


Michael Hollis25.
Filip Shnayder25.
John Harding25.
Nick Mazzeo23.
Matthew Hohrath22.
Vladi Nechev20.
Daniel Lerner19.
Tucker Lippold19.
Tyler Masone19.
Benjamin Koller19.


April 17, 2024


Tuck Tuck Goose 67 v Don’t Be Stupid 74

“DBS completes 2 game sweep, and Gives Harry 2 rings in one night”

Tuck Tuck game out full haymaker mode as Tucker splashes 3, Tyler trey it was 6-0 early. Cawley hits signature j, but Tuck Tuck was hot as Mulville connected from 39-2. Vladi hit tough contested 3,and then did it again DBS back in it 9-8.Matty Cut after some action, but then Walker and 1 ,then Walker obd finish 13-13 momentum swinging to DBS.

Harding nails 3, Vladi 2-2, waler cutting hoop20-13 what a run.Tukcer ends run with an effortless dunk, but Vladi was balling with a steal and finish, Harding slashes in for the deuce 24-15. Tucker gets 2 on a back door cut, roberts making an impact gets 2 in the post on Harry 24-20. Cawley got the roll on floater, harry and 1 29-20!! Mulv big momentum 3, then he hits ft J 29-25 Tuck Tuck wont quit.

Walker big man though 32-25. Some free throws here matty J goes 2-2, Vladi goes 1-2, Harding 2-2 35-27 DBS. Tyler within amzing drive and finish ,matty 1-2. Harding and Tuker would trade jumpers and DBS was 1 half away from the Franchise ship 37-32.


Cawley gets 2 with the slash 39-32. Tyler lefty hoop, but Liam responds with lay up.Matty J nothing but net 3, Tylertough lefty again it was just 41-39. Big time players make big shots and Harding was left open …..Bang 3 ball 44-39. Tyler on a mission goeshigh off window for 2, matty J obrs spin shot 44-43. There goes that man Harding with the middy, vladiliked that so he hit a 349-43. tyler responds with huge 3, but that man Harding was getting hot 3 up, and 3 good 52-46. tyler heart of a champ gets runner, roberts obrd put in it was just 52-50 what a game !!!!


vladi tough widow drive, Tyler 3 ball 54-53. walker huge big boy hoop, but Mulv with and even bigger shot as his 3 was good wewere tied 56all new ball game!! Tucker cutting dunk for the lead,could DBS recover ? Yes they could,walker another cutting hoop, Vladi clutch drive, Harding left in the corner,and that was a mistake 3 bang , Vladi steal then goes 2-2looking good for DBS 65-58.Matty J cut, tyler 2-2 made it 65-62, but Vladi was $ from the line and DBS ISTHE FRANCHISE CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harding with 2 ships SDL, and now Franchise, Harry/Liam 2 ships with old, and Franchise in one night!!! This is insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Cawley-B-) Not the scoring I am used to, but was very active on D, moved the rock very well with 4 ast. 

  2. Harding-A- FINALS MVP Not only the huge clutch 3’s but his defense on Tucker was the reason they one. So hard to chase around a guy like that and still put up 20+, Harding has shown that he’s evolved into a true lock down defender, and that not great news for the rest of us haha. Incredible run by him in these playoffs and toelad this team back from the 1-4 start. 

  3. Vladi-A- This may have been one of the best game I’ve seen him lay. So locked in , hit huge 3’s when they were down huge steals, dimes,and game ending ft shooting, consider me impressed !!!!

  4. Walker-A- saved his best game of the session for the finals, his cutting and finishing were epic tonight

  5. Liam-C- Very quiet,prob tired from chasing Mazz all night. He will take 2 Rings in one night anytime I think!!!

  6. Harry-A+- CHASMANIAN DEVIL- Not his best playing game but to have his team to even be in position for 2 ships is incredible nevermind actually getting the damn job done, is just amazing . RESPECT !

Tuck Tuck 

Mulv-B-) Rebounding was great, neededed some more shot attempts I think. Husted his ass off peer usual, kids a stud. 

Tyler-A-) His 2nd half almost lead them back in it, it was awesome to watch him flip the switch. those lefty drives were so sick, but couldn’t get to the mountain top. 

Tucker-C+- Harding really bothered him, I feel like they should have he should have touched the ballon every possession,and then set up screens, but he was passive with the pressure. 

Matty j-B-) good on o struggled on D, but he had some nice moments. loved that spin off the glass!

Roberts-B- Was dimeing mofo’s, would have like tosee more playing time for him 

Stull-N/A didn’t play much, only 1 shot attempt when the game was well in hand.


Don’t Be Stupid

Mike Cawley611154301001
Liam Corrigan200120102001
Harry DEMAKES300150100111
John Harding23112543410561
Vladi Nechev242004533119132
Andrew Walker1401040600240
 Team Total7243525131772417246

Tuck Tuck Goose

Matt Johnson1200240314341
Tyler Masone2420015637351
Tucker Lippold1300243513001
James Mulvehill12121150137112
Matthew Roberts400344200002
 Team Total653282812178217107
April 10, 2024

Tuck Tuck Goose 63 v Don’t Be Stupid 68


Don’t Be Stupid

Mike Cawley1100041300571
Liam Corrigan2010164146691
Harry DEMAKES800030123001
John Harding2121182624350
Andrew Walker810230400000
 Team Total684142471581314213

Tuck Tuck Goose

Matt Johnson300130002342
Christopher Stull300021013000
Tyler Masone720044204341
Tucker Lippold3131291659451
James Mulvehill1013483225011
Matthew Roberts910151311001
 Team Total6374831101392410146