CAC Basketball

Winter 2024: The New Hotness - Liam Corrigan, Matt Roberts, Finals MVP Brett Armstrong, Harry Demakes (not pictured - Mike Etheridge, Ben Butterworth)




The New Hotness

1. The Redeem Team  7277.78508480280.030.3
2. The New Hotness  6366.67551502491.022.8
3. Del Bridge to Nowhere  6366.67547510371.015.6
4. Mazz Hysteria  6366.67507468391.012.5
5. Hot Goyle: Dynasty  3633.33505552-474.07.7
6. KapODonna  3633.33469506-374.05.7
7. Know Your Worth  3633.33571572-14.03.9
8. Golden Nuggets  2722.22516584-685.01.6


Nick Mazzeo28.
Casey Tenney26.
Brian Civale24.
Brett Armstrong23.
Mike Cawley22.
Nick Frongillo20.
Michael Weinstein19.
Danny O’Donnell16.
Matt Kaplan16.
Matthew ODonnell14.


April 17, 2024

TNH VS MH ” Harry Prevents MazzHysteria in America”

After all the nonsense and bullshit of the gym not being open we were finally set to see who would be crowned Over 30 champions. Murphy got started with a big boy obrd and finish, Mazz drains 3 5-0 MH. Liam cuts in, and Brett splashes 3 all tied at 5. Bohankaer 1-2, but another Liam cutting hoop gave TNH the lead 7-6.Murphy 2-2, but a rare Liam post hoop to respond, Murphy gets 2 more in the post he was dominant early, Danner with the sick dime, Mazz lefty drive 19-13 MH. Roberts in on the act with easy 2, Bohnaker gets a 3 to go 22-15.Roberts and 1, Roberts 3, Roberts to rack 8-0 run from the Minatour 23-22 lead TNH!. Murphy and 1 but misses FT, Brett scoop, but a bigtime 3 by Danner, but they left too much time for the Hitman who nailed a 3 to end the half 28-27 1 half to decide this thing!


Murphy playing so well gets a steal, which leads to EJ trey, but Roberts ties things with obrd jimmy 30-30. Mazz filthy drive, but Brett hook shot 32 all.Roberts J, Brett 3, Mazz hustling gets obrd finish but TNH was growing lead Brett 2-2 39-34. Mazz connects on crazy 3, Murphy obrd and we were all tied at 39 what a great game!Mazz lefty down the lane, Harry big answer with cutting hoop. Brett 3, Brett runner, but a nice steal by Bohnaker leads to Mazz hoop 46-43. Ej steal., Muprhy steal MH was wreaking havoc 46-45, but Roberts gets a WIDE open layup,murphy attempted to flop. Mazz would cut it to one Brett was $$ from the line. Mazz had some 3 attempts to tie it but just couldn’t get it togo, Brett puts them away at the line and TNH are your CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!! 54-49 final!!




Roberts-A- that 8-0 run was so huge,throw in 18 rebounds and you are drinking champagne as a CHAMP!


Brett-A+-  FINALS MVP Played very hurt, I could hear himin pain on every timeout. Dude is such a gladiator , lead all scorers and out the game away with $ free throw shooting. 


Liam-A-) Chasmanina Devil- OMG his fucking defense was so good, so disruptive 5 steals in a finals game is no easy feet. 


Harry-A+- Capatins get A+ when they lead their team to the ship. What a great job he did with trades , putting this team together that I had as favorites all along. 




Mazz-B-) The lefty drives werenasty, but obviously the shooting just wasn’t great, I’ve never seen Mazz air ball,and he had like 4 of them. 


Murphy-A- Would have been the finals MVP if they had one. He played his balls off, probably one of the best games I’ve seen him play TBH. Was a monster on the O glass, with his relentlessness, just had  a few late mistakes, but that shouldn’t take away from the great game he had. 


Bohnaker-D+- really struggled out there, he still on Mexico time ?


EJ-D+- Played hard , things just didn’t go his way as his team shot 6-34 from 3 !!!!!


Danner-B-) He was solid out there, maybe needed a few more minutes. 


Mazz Hysteria

Nick Mazzeo23201347315000
Chris Danner301011012000
Erik Johnson421021018120
Ian Murphy1610780700230
James Bohnaker410171018120
 Team Total5062921714633470

The New Hotness

Liam Corrigan850222303220
Harry DEMAKES211152104000
Brett Armstrong2710133449770
Matthew Roberts16003134612110
 Team Total5371723111451810100