CAC Basketball

Fall 2023: Miller Who: - Kevin Giloolly, Eric Bauman, Nick Lynch, Cameron Letalien, David Ter-Ovanesyan, Colin Gray





1. Miller Who?  8188.895754521230.036.7
2. Dias Ex Machina  6366.67575562132.018.6
3. Gun Club  6366.67545503422.015.1
4. Miller Time  4544.44567530374.011.6
5. X Personalities  4544.44520477434.08.9
6. ETHERIDGE  3633.33435511-765.04.7
7. A Kwiat Place  3633.33542612-705.03.2
8. H!t or M!ss  2722.22415527-1126.01.2


Matthew Miller31.
Adwaith Nair27.
Sam Pollock24.
Benjamin Koller21.
Nick Lynch19.
Brian Civale19.
Remy Baudet18.
Tim Roberts18.
Joe Kwiatkowski16.
Karim Khalil15.
FINALS Nov. 30, 2023
Miller Who? 52 vs A Kwiat Place 45


By Harry Demakes

Miller who? gives Cam his redemption!
The pressure was high on Cam and company coming into this championship game. Civale’s teams have been responsible for ruining two of Cam’s perfect seasons. Now he was facing Civale’s squad for the championship. You have to wonder how Cam’s team would perform under the bright lights. Everyone was here for both teams. TO THE ACTION!
Both teams naturally started out in the mud, struggling to score. AKP took a quick lead, until Lynch started to get going. He hit a 3 and got some buckets inside on Civale to get his team a lead they would never give back (spoiler alert!). Lynch, was the only consistent scorer for Miller who? in the first half as only Bauman made more than 1 first half FG. It was clear Lynch was going to have to carry the load. He had 13 first half points to outscored the rest of his team.
Thankfully for Miller who? their defense showed up to this game. Lynch put the clamps on Civale, who I mentioned struggles with mobile defenders who are bigger than him. Joe, was either nervous or really off as he air balled a couple 3s and shot some deep off the back board. Not the kind of showing you want from first pick off the bat. Remy, did a good job getting to the cup and led the team with 8 first half points. Although, he was 0-4 from deep and the team as a whole was 1-16 from 3 in the first half. The supporting cast wasn’t doing much either, with Great One being the only guy to score of the 3.
Miller who? went into the half with a strangely close 28-21 lead. You’d think the game would be further apart given the stat lines, but that wasn’t the case. A AKP run to open the half would put massive pressure on Miller who? BACK TO THE ACTION!
Thats what would happen as AKP opened the half with a 7-2 run that would lead to a Miller who? timeout. AKP was doing a good job of getting to the line in this game. They would shoot 24 free throws, but they would only make 16 of them.
Which actually isn’t too bad by our standards, but nonetheless you can’t leave points on the board in championship games. Clarke did provide some secondary scoring for AKP this half, with 5 points, but he did 3 free throws. Civale would do a little better this half, leading the team with 8 points. They still couldn’t make a 3 though, going 2-9 from deep. That really halted their momentum, Miller who?’s offense would hit the skids this half as well. AKP switched Joe on Lynch one point in the first half and that stopped his onslaught. Lynch would only have 4 second half points and DTO would lead the team with 6 measly second half points. They did however get a trey apiece from their bench.
It was still a 6 point game with 3 minutes to go when Miller who? used their last timeout of the game. Soon after that Cam would foul out, but DTO would hit a massive 3 and Lynch would go coast to coast. Civale would hit a very too late 3, but they wouldn’t get anything after that. That would be all she wrote. 52-45 final.
Lynch A+: Lynch sucked from 3 and kind of disappeared in the 2h, but he was the best player on the floor to win it.
Cam A+: His shooting sucked, but he played good D and lead his team to a title.
DTO B-: Pretty meh game, but he hit a massive 3 and wins another title.
Bauman B: Solid game and he was their second most consistent offensive player. Too many TOs though.
KG B: I feel like he didn’t play much, but he scored 5 points. Gray B: Gray got the start and played well on defense. Hit a big 3 late too.
Joe C+: Gotta him credit for locking down Lynch, but that hideous start and the TOs really hurt his team.
Remy B-: Did good getting to the line, but 0-6 from three really hurts.
Civale D+: Civale was pretty invisible out there. A late run made his stats look a little better.
Clarke B: Good game from Clarke, minus the FT woes.
Great One C: Tough season.
Glynn C+: Wish he would have tried to shoot, but did some good things.


Miller Who?

Kevin Gillooly500000111000
Cameron Letalien801195204462
David Ter-Ovanesyan820171128001
Colin Gray500041013220
Eric Bauman900340313003
Nick Lynch17014103717012
 Team Total52229341014626698

A Kwiat Place

Ryan Glynn200022000221
Brian Civale1211022128450
Thomas Clarke500270200140
Remy Baudet1210361306691
Chris Cassel200000104000
Joe Kwiatkowski1222183316344
 Team Total454362581032416246