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5v5 Draft East S14
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A 5v5 W14
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B2 5v5 East F14
B2 5v5 Mid F14
B2 5v5 North F14
B2 5v5 South F14
B2 5v5 West F14
Co-Ed 5v5 S14
Co-Ed 5v5 East W14
Co-Ed 5v5 South W13
Corporate 5v5 East F14
Corporate 5v5 North F14
Corporate 5v5 West F14
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B Draft East F14
B Draft West F14
B2 4v4 F14
Franchise Draft F14
Lunch League S10
Sat Draft F14
Sunday AM F14
W4v4 F14


All Time Stats (minimum 30 games)

League Records
Highest player rater for a gameGary Corbett117.50
Highest player rater for a seasonRamon Penrose98.50
Most points in a gameReed Juckett63.00
Highest PPG in a seasonRyan O\'Keefe50.00
Most assists in a gameChris Burke17.00
Highest APG in a seasonMike Greez11.00
Most rebounds in a gameMike Kent32.00
Highest RPG in a seasonTroy Parks24.00
Most steals in a gameJeff Hall11.00
Highest steals per game in a seasonJose Ortiz7.00
Most blocks in a gameDave Scafiti11.00
Highest blocks per game in a seasonMichael Keohan7.00
Most 3s in a gameKhalid Lakanwal14.00
Highest 3s per game in a seasonKhalid Lakanwal11.00

Player Rater
1Chris Maciejczak61.9440
2Mike Dinh59.0769
3Billy Fratelli58.9030
4Terry Henderson58.4967
5Bryan Bingham57.4747
6Jon Mazzone56.39112
7Joel Cuadrado56.3741
8Mike Albert53.9568
9Tom Kahana53.4981
10Pat Fidler52.6531
11Josh Bruno52.5776
12Kyle Sachowitz52.2030
13Drew Legare52.0541
14Adam Polansky52.0533
15Chris Snow51.4885
16Adam O'Connor50.9772
17Romario Santos50.3834
18Mario Marotta50.3041
19Jay Sartori50.1655
20Chris Hall49.9231

Points Per Game
1Joel Cuadrado136333.2441
2Tim O'Keefe105628.5437
3Chris Maciejczak106026.5040
4Terry Henderson172625.7667
5Kyle Sachowitz77225.7330
6Billy Fratelli77025.6730
7Chris Hall79525.6531
8Adam Polansky82825.0933
9Matt Forlizzi77924.3432
10Jon Mazzone272224.30112
11Jay Sartori133424.2555
12Mario Marotta97923.8841
13Tom Kahana191323.6281
14Ed Finn174223.2375
15Adam O'Connor166523.1372
16Michael Manning96622.4743
17Josh Bruno169822.3476
18Mike Dinh152322.0769
19Michael Sweeney280521.91128
20Pat Fidler65621.1631

3s Per Game
1Chris Hall5.7144%31
2Josh Bruno5.1535%20
3Chris Maciejczak4.9543%21
4Tim O'Keefe4.7041%37
5Vladi Nechev4.5341%19
6Khalid Lakanwal4.5043%34
7Tom Kahana4.0846%51
8Adam Polansky3.8248%33
9Mark Katz3.8141%16
10Marc LeBlanc3.7243%18
11Jon Mazzone3.5640%66
12Chris Burke3.5050%28
13Pat Fidler3.3237%22
14Adam Larkin3.2838%29
15Matt Kaplan3.1434%95
16Malcolm Greene3.1340%16
17Damian Ruff3.0535%22
18Lew Finnegan3.0036%15
19Mario Marotta2.9830%41
20Mario Casal2.9529%43

Steals Per Game
1Romario Santos1053.0934
2Mario Marotta1192.9041
3Bryan Bingham1212.5747
4Greg Polin1242.5349
5Mike Dinh1592.3069
6Tom Kahana1792.2181
7Chris Blakely662.2030
8Drew Legare892.1741
9Collin Vataha702.1233
10Leng Tang912.0744
11Billy Fratelli591.9730
12Matt Kaplan2471.96126
13Chancey Santos881.9645
14Dan Linehan1631.9484
15Mark Zermani791.9341
16Anthony Cataldo2661.90140
17Martin Yuan711.8738
18Raj Singh1271.8768
19Ken Cleary951.8651
20Josh Bruno1371.8076

Assists Per Game
1Khalid Lakanwal2045.8335
2Tom Kahana4034.9881
3Matt Kaplan5724.54126
5Mike Dinh3024.3869
6Todd Cogdell1434.0935
7Chris Hall1244.0031
8Bobby Colantonio3543.9889
9Romario Santos1353.9734
10Jon Mazzone4393.92112
11Eric Hinton1593.8841
12Mark Allyn1153.8330
13Brett Armstrong1823.6450
14Matt Peredna1633.6245
15Jay Sartori1993.6255
16Mike Haven3003.6183
17Kyle Sachowitz1083.6030
18Pete Wilson1333.5937
19Ken Cleary1813.5551
20Drew Legare1443.5141

Rebounds Per Game
1Mike Albert104115.3168
2Chris Maciejczak56914.2340
3Eric Nordstrom52213.7438
4Craig Archambeault57213.0044
4Mark Novak50713.0039
6Mike Dinh87812.7269
7Tom Heffernan94212.5675
8Terry Henderson83612.4867
9Billy Fratelli37412.4730
10Scott Mulholland121011.98101
11Pat Fidler37011.9431
12Raj Singh80211.7968
13Mark Katz37111.5932
14Bryan Bingham54411.5747
15Chris Snow97811.5185
16Josh Bruno87311.4976
17Adam O'Connor82111.4072
18Jon Mazzone122510.94112
19Greg Polin53410.9049
20Cullen Roberts67510.7163

Blocks Per Game
1Scott Mulholland3353.32101
2Chris Snow2553.0085
3Bryan Bingham1372.9147
4Jason Tibbetts4012.80143
5Tom Heffernan1552.0775
6Matt Scabilia781.9041
7Adam O'Connor1141.5872
8Dave Lynch571.5038
9Mike Albert981.4468
10Bobby Colantonio1271.4389
11Eric Nordstrom541.4238
12Cullen Roberts861.3763
13Chancey Santos591.3145
14Billy Fratelli391.3030
15Terry Henderson861.2867
16Fritz David371.2330
17Brad Mulholland1011.2382
18Dave Scafati371.1931
19Jeff Doane711.1860
20Mark Novak461.1839

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